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Our lighting guide is a one-stop shop for everything you need to 

know about lighting so you can make the right decision for you and your home.

Accent Lighting

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Up lighting is one of the most basic and popular forms of lighting. It is perfect for lighting tall trees or structures. Up lighting on trees often focus on highlighting the trunk or canopy of the tree. No two trees are the same and we use different beam angles, lumen output, and kelvin temperatures to best match each individual tree.

Up lighting can be used in different methods. One being shadowing, where you place the light between the main vantage point and the item being lit, with the light source aimed at the item. This works best when you have a wall or flat surface behind the item being lit to catch the shadows created. It will create a softer, more moody effect. Another option is silhouetting, this is a fantastic effect for highlighting dramatic shapes you might have hiding. We place the light source behind the item, and light toward where the main vantage point will be, making sure that the light source itself cannot be seen.

Common up lighting fixtures include spotlights and well lights.

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Moon Lighting

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Moonlighting is become an increasingly popular lighting style with both residential and commercial projects. The light source is placed high up in a tree aimed down, washing branches and the ground below. The shadowing that is created on the ground can be combined with a slightly “cooler” white light to mimic the effect of natural moonlight. This creates an impressive effect and works especially well in large, branched trees such as Oaks.
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Path Lighting

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Path lighting is perhaps the most functional and improperly designed lighting element. Many inexperienced installers will use too many lights and create a “runway look” often leaving an over-lit space that feels cramped. We position our path lights or light bollards to create a functional lighting source that illuminates pathways, entries, and steps increasing safety in both residential and commercial applications. 

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Underwater Lighting

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Underwater lighting is a great way to enhance and feature water features such as, fountains, waterfalls, ponds, and other bodies of water. When dealing with water features fixture knowledge and design is crucial as it is important to use light fixtures that are designed for underwater use and that will last over time. Certain metals can also be harmful to fish and must also be considered when trying to light saltwater versus freshwater areas.
We also offer a multitude of fish lighting solutions to attract and showcase marine life in any body of water.
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Hardscape Lighting

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Hardscape lighting is a great way to feature outdoor kitchen areas, fire pits, sitting areas, steps, and retaining walls. Hardscaping can impact your lighting design or landscaping by providing additional light to your outdoor living space that you may not have the ability otherwise. The incorporation into you outdoor lighting allows you to make optimum use of your property any time day or night and can provide a more natural feel to the lighting scene.

We use specialized fixtures which are designed to mount between pavers or under the edge of walls and surfaces. The low profile design of the fixture goes unnoticed in the daytime but enhances design features at night.

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Color Changing Lighting

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Color changing also known as RGB lighting is perhaps the newest and most advanced lighting innovation in landscape lighting. RGB means red, blue and green LEDs. RGB LED products combine these three colors to produce virtually almost any color possible. We incorporate RGB lights into up lighting, hardscape, underwater, and washing lighting. This technology allows you to customize your landscape lighting for holidays, weddings, parties/events, sports themes, mood lighting, and sea turtle friendly lighting.
No longer do you need to fumble trying to change out bulbs to create one color. Our innovative lighting packages can be incorporated into a mobile app which allows you to easily customize your lighting colors with the simplicity of your smart phone.

Washing Lighting

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Wall wash lighting is particularly useful in lighting large, wide objects. It is most often incorporated into lighting homes, boulders, retaining walls, and large objects. When paired with other forms of lighting this can highlight unique design features in your landscape and home.

We use specially designed light fixtures in varying lumen output for each unique feature when washing a surface with lighting. Inexperienced lighting installers often only focus on lighting the landscaping and forget to light homes, structures, and architectural features.

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Dock lighting

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Dock lighting is essential in the safety and functionality of the usability of your dock. No longer do you need to struggle driving your boat up to an unlit dock after a long day on the water. Proper dock lighting is also essential to prevent possible accidents and/or falls while navigating surfaces over the water. If you have an oceanfront home we can still light your areas by using FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) approved fixtures that are safe for sea turtles. It is important when lighting your oceanfront home to use an experienced designer as improper lighting can be harmful to sea turtles and/or result in hefty fines from local law enforcement. 

Architectural Lighting

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Architectural lighting is important to highlight the most expensive feature of your yard, your home. Oftentimes inexperienced lighting companies will only light up the trees and landscaping leaving your home to disappear into the dark background. Our highly trained installation technicians can put lights into areas where you never thought possible. We take extra effort and time to showcase the special architectural features of your home or business by using core drilled well lights or elevated lighting to reach the second story of your home. Let us show you how we can showcase your home with the proper lighting design. 
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